About Joram Mwinamo

I am a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur running WYLDE , an innovative organisation development firm that works with entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organisations ,developing them holistically towards greatness. Im passionate about Africa and uncovering the potential hidden within through working with people and organisations. I believe we have the answers right here and working with others , we can see this continent become great in our lifetime. I wont wait for things to happen, ill be part of making them happen. http://www.wyldeinternational.com twitter @jorammwinamo

5 thoughts on “About Joram Mwinamo

  1. Thanks Joram for your inspiring blog Keep doing the good work…..Eric Kinoti MD http://www.shadesystems.co.ke/www.safisanahomeservices.com

  2. Very inspiring- Success or failure in entrepreneurship is all part of the learning process- on your celebrating the entreprenreur post.

  3. hi need som business advice.

  4. Joram
    we met at churchI think you are doing great things.Notify me of the next class as discussed.
    God bless

  5. Great blog Joram. Insightful articles!

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