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About Joram Mwinamo

I am a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur running WYLDE , an innovative organisation development firm that works with entrepreneurs, businesses, government agencies and non-profit organisations ,developing them holistically towards greatness. Im passionate about Africa and uncovering the potential hidden within through working with people and organisations. I believe we have the answers right here and working with others , we can see this continent become great in our lifetime. I wont wait for things to happen, ill be part of making them happen. http://www.wyldeinternational.com twitter @jorammwinamo

Comments on: "About Joram Mwinamo" (5)

  1. Thanks Joram for your inspiring blog Keep doing the good work…..Eric Kinoti MD http://www.shadesystems.co.ke/www.safisanahomeservices.com

  2. Very inspiring- Success or failure in entrepreneurship is all part of the learning process- on your celebrating the entreprenreur post.

  3. hi need som business advice.

  4. Chris Isom said:

    we met at churchI think you are doing great things.Notify me of the next class as discussed.
    God bless

  5. Great blog Joram. Insightful articles!

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