A powerful vision is ALIVE!

Every entrepreneur begins with a vision of the future.  But there are a few who begin with a powerful vision. One that goes way beyond themselves and if brought to pass, would revolutionize how things are done in the industry, society, culture or economy. It would transform lives, change lifestyles, force people to adopt a new way of doing things that makes them wonder how they survived without you in the first place. They find it hard to imagine a life without you and what you put in place. This type of vision is for a select few, those who see things that others would only experience to believe that it’s possible.

This vision usually has a life of its own. And despite the fact that the vision bearer may think they own the vision, it actually owns them. And it goes through a life cycle.

A Powerful Vision usually begins with many excesses but goes through a period of refinement, where it strips away all the chaff and begins to rebuild itself. These excesses come in the form of exploitative business partners, expensive offices, impressive gadgets and machines, excess staff, and pretentious clients many of whom don’t believe in your product or services as it is. At this stage the Powerful Vision looks down at the vision bearer and says “The vision bearer is not ready to carry this vision, if they continue like this, the powerful vision will not come to pass”. The vision is wise enough to recognize that the initial configuration of the set up is bad for the vision. The vision at this point is usually driven by greed masked as change for society. Whilst the vision bearer may say they want things to be different, their primary objective may be to grow rich and wealthy and make a lot of money for themselves. But the Powerful Vision knows that this focus will destroy the vision bearer should it happen too soon. The Powerful vision usually sets out to straighten things out because it knows that the vision bearer is not ready or maybe the market is not ready. And this straightening of things will take time and test you, the vision bearer, to the core of your being. Setting you on a path of true soul searching and self awareness.

The powerful vision will systematically take you the vision bearer though a series of tests. It will strip away initial partners who were in it for quick or selfish gain without putting in any work. They will begin to fall out as soon as they realize it will not be an easy journey. Then it will ensure there isn’t enough money to sustain a lifestyle of careless spending. In the times of need you will have to get accustomed to careful spending, cost cutting and budgeting, many times unable to do things aligned to your greed. Your self esteem will be tested when all people around you seem to be doing better than you. It will strip away initial cheerleaders who begin to doubt your prowess as they walk away to pursue their own interests that put food on their table. They will get tired of giving themselves to your cause for no immediate return. It will strip away employees whom you thought would die for the company only to realize you are the only one willing to give everything for it to work. It will even strip away fake clients who only bought from you as a favour or because they are family or friends. They will begin to question the value that you sell and when they do not see it they will pull away.

All the stripping away leaves the vision bearer in a wilderness. All alone, tired, exhausted and burnt out with very little results to show for it. It is at this point that the vision bearer will begin to ask themselves tough questions about why they are really doing what they are doing. Was it for the money? Was it for change? Was it for all the above? Those with ill intention will either quit or resort to underhand dealings. Those with pure intentions, to create sustainable change, will affirm themselves with powerful answers that go beyond money making. They will remember the reason why and they will examine their hearts and realize that it was not just for the money. At this point, the Powerful vision will look down at the vision bearer and say “You are now ready to carry the powerful vision forward; your heart is in the right place”. At this point the vision only leaves room for true believers. And true believers set the foundation for greatness.

The powerful vision will open up the vision bearers mind to innovative ideas, creative solutions, new resources, new ideas for products and services, new markets that they had previously not seen. The powerful vision will enable the vision bearer to establish clarity and focus and know exactly what is required to take the vision forward, even if at this point the money is not streaming in bucket-loads yet. You the vision bearer will be energized, not by the big results but by the steady and consistent progress you make and the few believers that cheer you on. New clients, new partners, new employees, new suppliers, new stakeholders all aligned to the vision and the bearer’s values will be attracted slowly but surely. The wheel will begin to turn and results will begin to stream in. First a trickle, then a steam, then a river and eventually a waterfall. The vision will take off so powerfully at some point that the vision bearer will have to run to keep up with it. It will be like riding a bull that is charging forward without any prompting. First a small locality will feel the power of the vision, then it will be felt in the next village, then in the district and it will keep growing. The more powerful it is the more it is likely to reach far and wide, sometimes touching far corners of the world. Some are so powerful that they out live the vision bearer and grow even more after they leave us. At this point, the Powerful Vision will reward the vision bearer with much more than they had ever dreamed of. Money, satisfaction, recognition and a legacy. But most of all a refined character and a feeling of security in who they are and not what they have. They will not need to show off to others or be arrogant. Be prepared at this point for the unbelievers and cheerleaders to return, singing your praises and taking credit for getting you there.

All because the vision bearer was the only one sensitive enough to realize that something was very wrong with the world as it is today, and were willing to pay the price to give their lives to something that was going to change the world as it is. Because what we have today is the powerful vision of a vision bearer in the ancient days, and what we will have tomorrow will be the result of some powerful vision bearers of today.

Are you a vision bearer or living in the vision of another long gone? The lack of vision bearers today leaves us at the mercy of the greedy, negligent or archaic thinkers. Step forward oh you vision bearer!

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6 thoughts on “A powerful vision is ALIVE!

  1. powerful truths!

  2. awesome stuff bro, awesome …….

  3. Sounds like an excerpt from the three past years of my life. I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Am Impressed, mesmerised and left to wonder, Am i a Visionary or i need to dream again.
    Thank you Joram, this is good stuff.

    God Bless.

  5. And this write-up is a powerful vision itself..you have no idea how much this has encouraged me…

  6. Joram, thanks for sharing. I really like the way you separated the vision from the vision bearer, then analyzed their relationship so thoughtfully. At Ashoka we always say we are unique in that we support individuals (as opposed to most other partners that invest in projects or companies), but your post here helps me see that we actually take the side of the vision. We don’t push the individual entrepreneur to do anything in any particular way; we just examine the idea, beat it up, boost it up, and throw our support behind it. The entrepreneur feels the pressure to realize the vision as we, at the same time, ensure that it is sufficiently systems-changing and grand. Sure we make sure that the entrepreneur can focus on the idea full time and has some access to others who can provide basic support, but the vision does all the hard work! Again, thanks for sharing. Much food for thought here. -Simon

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